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Bürokuran, which has been operating in Bursa since its establishment in 2000, has taken its respected place in the domestic and international market in a short time as a result of its expert staff, quality understanding and customer focus.

Bürokuran DesıgnTeam The starting point of the modular furniture family was to create timeless and universal storage systems that can meet different needs, compatible with new functions. To this end, the Bürokuran design team has developed a modular system that can be easily integrated into changing business dynamics and user habits. The delicately designed handle and foot details of the product family, besides bringing an original interpretation to the storage system, offer excellent solutions to today’s versatile work spaces with its easy assembly, offering various size, material and color options. Storage components that can be customized according to the workplace create an atmosphere that increases productivity by strengthening the interaction between employees.

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Choosing the right office furniture is very important for your health. You can find the furniture that is right for you by answering a few questions.

You can find support and ideas for your office from us.

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Architectural Projects

Ankara Police Department

Bursa Osmangazi University

Germany Damla Cafe

Bursa Chamber of Civil Engineers


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